The SuperSonix®-NG, hard drive duplicator delivers blazing fast hard drive cloning at 24GB/min* and the fastest cloning speeds in the industry!

Designed for busy IT professionals who need to streamline drive duplication tasks, the SuperSonix-NG supports both mirror copy (100% bit for bit) and a “CleverCopy” mode that intelligently copies only data areas of the hard drive.

The SuperSonix-NG can clone from 1 or 2 SATA master drives to 1 or 2 SATA target drives. Use the USB to SATA adapter and clone from up to 3 SATA masters to 3 SATA targets. The solution provides support for SATA, USB3 and IDE in the base unit and optional support for SAS & FireWire drives is available. Support for other drive interfaces including IDE, ZIF, mSATA, microSATA, eSATA, M.2 PCIe (SATA and AHCI-type),and compact flash media is available with optional adapters.

The SuperSonix-NG efficiently performs hard drive duplicating tasks including PC deployments, O/S upgrades, content/application distribution and data back-up tasks. It’s compact size makes it ideal for the workbench or mobile on-site applications. The unit can also safely sanitize drives with a wipe feature. Users can choose from a Secure Erase, a custom pass setting or a DoD wipe of 7 passes and meets NIST 800-88 guidelines.

Features :

High-Speed Duplication
The SuperSonix-NG will clone at blazing speeds of 24GB/min*

Multi-target Cloning
Clone from 1 or 2 master drives SATA (SAS Optional)to 1 or 2 SATA (SAS Optional) target drives simultaneously. Clone from 1 USB3.0 master to multiple target drives; 1 USB3, 2 SATA (SAS optional), 1 FireWire (optional).  Use the optional USB to SATA adapter to convert the USB3.0 ports to SATA and clone from up to 3 SATA master drives to 3 SATA targets.

Error Handing
A error granularity user-selectable setting provides more control over error handling of the master drive. Four cluster size settings are provided to determine the number of sectors to be skipped when a bad sector is found on the master drive. Users can also choose to skip bad sectors or abort the cloning operation when bad sectors are encountered on the master drive.

Network Sharing Option
Allows network access (upload/download) to drive images and log files. One Gigabit Ethernet port is available. Provides the ability to clone to/from a network repository. This feature requires the purchase of the Networking Option.

Multi-Image Master
Store multiple images created in SuperSonix-NG in a repository on a SATA drive or on a USB enclosure connected to the SuperSonix-NG and then clone to selected target drives. Uses can also store multiple SuperSonix-NG created images on a shared network location and then clone to selected targets when the Networking option is purchased.

Multi-Session Capability
Allows users to perform multiple tasks including cloning wiping or hashing concurrently.

Clone USB Enclosures and Thumb Drives
Features 1 USB 3.0 master port and 1 USB 3.0 target port.

Write-Protected Master
SuperSonix-NG master ports are automatically write-blocked to prevent any alteration to sensitive data on the master drive.

Wipe Feature
Provides a comprehensive wipe mode. DoD wipe, Secure Erase and custom pass settings. Meets NIST 800-88 guidelines.
*Speed based on using Mirror mode and solid state drives. The specification and condition of hard drives and settings used may affect the achieved speed.

Multiple Cloning Modes
Supports Mirror (bit for bit copy) and CleverCopy (copies only data areas, skips blank sectors). For multiple partition drives, SuperSonix-NG automatically selects the optimum cloning method (Mirror or CleverCopy).

Hash verification Option
Clone and verify the exact replication of the master drive in one single process. Features SHA-1, SHA256 or MD5 algorithms and hash verification is embedded in the audit trail/log file. Requires the purchase of an optional software activation package.

File Systems
Supports all O/S and file systems including Linux and MAC in Mirror mode. Supports FAT16/FAT32/NTFS and Linux (ext, ext2, ext3, ext4) in CleverCopy mode.

Remote Operation
SuperSonix-NG allows you to control all operations from a remote computer using a web browser or CLI interface.

Audit Trail/Log Report
Detailed information about the cloning session is provided, and reports can be printed from a browser. Report includes a digital signature for authentication purposes.

USB 2.0 Host Ports
The unit features two USB 2.0 ports for connecting a keyboard and mouse as well as an HDMI port for connection to a monitor.

Advanced Administrative Functions
Administrators can create/manage image repositories and manage network settings (when Networking option is purchased), create user profiles and save configurations.

Compact Footprint
The SuperSonix-NG compact size and light weight 7.6″ X 5.5″ X 2.6″ (19cm X 13.9cm X 6.6cm) and weighs only 2.0lbs (1.0kg).

Software Options :

Software options can be purchased at the time of the purchase of the SuperSonix-NG or post-sale.  Contact us for information.

SAS Option
Software option enables SAS support on all SATA ports ( 2 masters, 2 targets).
Hash Verification ( SHA1, SHA256 or MD5)
Users can clone and verify the exact replication of the master drive in one single process. Hash verification is embedded in the audit trail/log file.
FireWire/MAC Option
Software option enables FireWire master and target ports activation. Provides the ability to clone from a MAC in target mode. Includes 1 FW cable. An off-the-shelf Thunderbolt to FW cable is equired for MACs with a Thunderbolt port.
Networking Option
Software option provides the ability to clone to/from a network repository and to clone from a laptop (requires USB boot client that is available for download from our website).