Optional Software


List Of Various Optional Software

EchoPlus NG Software Options
F-EP-NG-VS-OPT EchoPlus-NG Verification/Hash software option. Provides SHA1, SHA256 or MD5 hash verification during cloning
F-EP-NG-MM-OPT EchoPlus-NG Multi-Image master software option. Store multiple EP-NG created images in a repository on a USB or SATA storage enclosure then clone to targets
ZClone xi Software Options
F-ZXI-SAS-OPT ZXi SAS hard drive support option. (Note: On 4 target expansion, only two targets can be SAS enabled)
 F-ZXI-VS-OPT Zxi Verification/Hash option
Talon Ultimate Software Options
F-TALU-SAS1-OPT Talon Ultimate SAS software enablement for source port. Supports imaging from a SAS source drive
F-TALU-NET-OPT Talon Ultimate Networking Option. Supports imaging to/from a network repository. Includes “Push” feature
F-TALU-FW-OPT Talon Ultimate FireWire ports software enablement. Also provides ability to capture from a MAC system in target disk
mode. Activates FW S1 and FW D1, includes FireWire cable
F-TALU-USB-OPT Talon Ultimate USB3.0 device port software enablement for preview on a PC of suspect drives connected to Talon
Ultimate, includes USB3.0 device cable
F-TALU-MTSK-OPT Talon Ultimate Multi-Task Option. Activates 2nd source SATA/(SAS Optional) port and provides ability to image from up to 4 source drives to up to 4 destination drives simultaneously. Users can also image to one destination while wiping or hashing a 2nd drive
SuperSonix-NG Software Options
F-SONIX-SAS-OPT SuperSonix-NG SAS software enablement (master and target)
 F-SONIX-NW-OPT SuperSonix-NG Networking Option to clone to/from network repositories
 F-SONIX-VS-OPT SuperSonix-NG Verification/HASH Software Option. Provides SHA1, SHA256, MD5 hash verification
 F-SONIX-FW-OPT SuperSonix-NG FireWire Ports enablement & MAC Option, includes FireWire cable
F-SONIX-PCI-OPT SuperSonix-NG hardware upgrade for PCIe enablement. Requires unit be reutned to factory for upgrade. PCIe adapters not included
OmniSCSI Software Options
F-ADP 80 pins to 68 pins SCSI adapter
F-SCSI-Wipe SCSI Wipe. Wipe a drive clean to M-5220 DOD specifications