List Of Various Optional Software

EchoPlus NG Software Options
F-EP-NG-VS-OPT EchoPlus-NG Verification/Hash software option. Provides SHA1, SHA256 or MD5 hash verification during cloning
F-EP-NG-MM-OPT EchoPlus-NG Multi-Image master software option. Store multiple EP-NG created images in a repository on a USB or SATA storage enclosure then clone to targets
ZClone xi Software Options
F-ZXI-SAS-OPT ZXi SAS hard drive support option. (Note: On 4 target expansion, only two targets can be SAS enabled)
 F-ZXI-VS-OPT Zxi Verification/Hash option
Talon Ultimate Software Options
F-TALU-SAS1-OPT Talon Ultimate SAS software enablement for source port. Supports imaging from a SAS source drive
F-TALU-NET-OPT Talon Ultimate Networking Option. Supports imaging to/from a network repository. Includes “Push” feature
F-TALU-FW-OPT Talon Ultimate FireWire ports software enablement. Also provides ability to capture from a MAC system in target disk
mode. Activates FW S1 and FW D1, includes FireWire cable
F-TALU-USB-OPT Talon Ultimate USB3.0 device port software enablement for preview on a PC of suspect drives connected to Talon
Ultimate, includes USB3.0 device cable
F-TALU-MTSK-OPT Talon Ultimate Multi-Task Option. Activates 2nd source SATA/(SAS Optional) port and provides ability to image from up to 4 source drives to up to 4 destination drives simultaneously. Users can also image to one destination while wiping or hashing a 2nd drive
SuperSonix-NG Software Options
F-SONIX-SAS-OPT SuperSonix-NG SAS software enablement (master and target)
 F-SONIX-NW-OPT SuperSonix-NG Networking Option to clone to/from network repositories
 F-SONIX-VS-OPT SuperSonix-NG Verification/HASH Software Option. Provides SHA1, SHA256, MD5 hash verification
 F-SONIX-FW-OPT SuperSonix-NG FireWire Ports enablement & MAC Option, includes FireWire cable
F-SONIX-PCI-OPT SuperSonix-NG hardware upgrade for PCIe enablement. Requires unit be reutned to factory for upgrade. PCIe adapters not included
OmniClone Xi Software Options
F-OCXI-DATA The OmnicloneXI Database software program enables the user to scan and log hard drive cloning sessions which include hard drive make, model, serial number and firmware revison. All information and current system software release will be stored on the Omniclone’s 64MB compact flash card. Barcode reader inlcuded.
F-OCXI-DIAG OmniCloneXi OmniDiagnose™. Recover data on or “weak” master sectors. Repair bad sectors. Wipe a drive clean to DOD specifications. Scan a drive for bad sectors.
F-OCXI-MNGR OmniCloneXi MasterManager. Create master drives by adding partitions from different sources. Either replace an existing partition or append to the end of the Master.
F-OCXI-NTFS OmniCloneXi NTFS Clever Copy. NTFS CleverCopy™ technology copies only data areas and skips blank sectors. It also scales master partitions to precisely fit the target, making all the necessary adjustments on the fly. NTFS CleverCopy™ supports all Windows NTFS based file systems.
F-OCXI-PACK OmnicloneXi Software 4 Pack (NTFS Clevercopy, Diagnostics, Selective Partitions, & Mastermanager)
F-OCXI-SELECT OmniCloneXi Selective Partitions. Multiple partitions (up to 24) per drive, allows copying of selected partitions only (1st, 8th, and 11th – for instance)
OmniSCSI Software Options
F-ADP 80 pins to 68 pins SCSI adapter
F-SCSI-Wipe SCSI Wipe. Wipe a drive clean to M-5220 DOD specifications