The SAS Adapter allows you to capture from a SAS source drive to either a SATA or IDE destination drive when used with the Forensic Dossier or Forensic Quest-2. All capture modes are supported ( native, DD, E01).  The SAS Adapter can also be used with  the SuperSonix to clone SAS source hard drives to SATA/IDE/SAS destination drives (using Mirror Mode only).

This slick device provides the versatility and additional interface support needed for both Forensic and IT duplication tasks.


Compatible With The Forensic Quest-2 or Forensic Dossier
The SAS Adapter allows users to capture from a SAS source hard drive to a SATA or IDE destination hard drive. The Forensic Dossier and Forensic Quest-2 provide write-protected unidirectional data transfer. Users can capture from two SAS source drives simultaneously when used with the Dossier and two SAS adapters.

Data Transfer Speed
The SAS Adapter provides data transfer speeds up to 5GB/min.

Compatible with the SuperSonix
The SAS Adapter is compatible with the SuperSonix duplicator. It provides cloning  from SAS source hard drives to SATA, IDE or SAS destination drives.

Supported Modes
When the SAS adapter is used with the Forensic Quest or Forensic Dossier, all capture modes are supported ( DD, Native and E01 file format (Dossier). When used with the SuperSonix, only Mirror (100%) cloning mode is supported.


Power Requirements
Power Consumption
Operating Temperature
Agency Approvals
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