Hard Disk Duplicator’s Accessories

PCIe Bridge for Zxi Duplicator

PCIe Bridge is a hardware option that provides the following drive support on the ZClone Xi:

  • PCIe SSDs (Standard PCIe HHHL, FHHL, and FHFL)
    mPCIe (Mini PCIe) SSDs (with optional adapter kit – Part# F-ADP-T-PCIE-KT)
  • M.2 PCIe NVMe SSDs (with optional adapter kit – Part# F-ADP-T-PCIE-KT)
  • M.2 PCIe AHCI SSDs (with optional adapter kit – Part# F-ADP-T-PCIE-KT)

Connect the PCIe Bridge adapter to ZClone Xi hard drive duplicator and quickly clone to/from PCIe drives. In addition, use the USB3.0 and SATA ports on the PCIe Bridge to add 1 additional SATA and 1 USB3.0 drive station to the ZClone Xi.

PCIe Expansion for Zxi 10G Duplicator

PCIe Expansion Module for the ZXi-10G hard drive duplicator (non-forensic). This module allows you to clone to 7 PCIe target drives with the use of optional PCIe adapters.

M.2 PCIe drives are becoming extremely popular and are quickly being adopted by major computer manufacturers for installation in newer PCs/laptops. The ZXi-10G, along with the PCIe Expansion Module is perfect for IT environments that routinely clone hard drives for PC Deployment, O/S upgrades and content/application distribution.

Serial ATA Adapter

The Serial ATA (SATA) is a newer standard HDD interface and this is an adapter to connect to IDE hard disk drive controller. This special adapter is used to connect SATA drives to our older IDE HDD duplicators. The Serial ATA is one of several computer tools produced to improve the performance of the old duplication systems we have to offer.

Software Options

Various Software Options – Available for the hard disk duplicators to perform secure erase, wipe, USB source drive cloning, etc.

PCIe adapters

PCIe adapters – M.2 PCIe, M.2 NVMe, mSATA SSD and mini-PCIe cards. Used with PCIe enabled versions of Talon Ultimate, Falcon, ZClone xi, Zxi-10G, SuperSonix NG PCIe, EchoPlus NG PCIe, etc.

Battery Pack

The Rechargeable Battery Pack enables extended use of the device. For use with the Echo Plus, SuperSonix and Talon models.

OmniClone Adapter and Cables 

Adapters and cables for all models of duplicators.

**Other Types Of Adapters And Converters: for use with duplicators, forensic, PC and storage purposes

Memory Card Adapter

Flash memory card adapters for production-grade duplicators, can support Compact Flash cards, SD Cards, miniSD and uSD/ Transflash media. Users can connect them to any or all standard drive stations.