Flash Memory Duplicator

7 and 15 Target Flash Duplicator

Flash duplicators easily and reliably create multiple copies of your flash media without a computer or software. Each channel has dedicated data copy throughput of 2GB per minute. Asynchronous copy allows each channel to function independently and copies directly from of built-in memory so there is no need to start or end a copy cycle. Source Analysis feature identifies the content on the master and intelligently copies only the data to speed up the copy cycle. Fast, reliable, convenient, Flash duplicators help you to get more done in less time!

7, 15, 23, 31 Target Standalone Flash

The Standalone Flash memory card duplicator conveniently copies Compact Flash cards without a computer. Advanced asynchronous duplication means no waiting and no interruption as each channel can independently load, unload, and copy. The new Standalone Flash memory card duplicator also features user-friendly 4-key control with LCD, high-speed duplication and bit-by-bit Compare function to confirm successful copies. Reliable, affordable, and convenient, the new Standalone Flash memory card duplicator is the best companion for any industry.