Archive Media & Accessories

MAM-A Gold Archive-Grade CD-R

The highest performance recordable disc provides longevity and durability far in excess of conventional silver CD-Rs.  Long-Term applications such as data and e-mail archiving, photo and audio applications can benefit from the Gold CD-R’s strict quality control, 24 karats gold reflective layer and patented Phthalocyanine dye formula which offers storage life well in excess of 300 years.

MAM-A Silver CD-R

MAM Branded and “No Logo” Recordable Compact Discs offer reliable, long-term data storage and superior compatibility in all types and speeds of CD-R reading and writing systems. High durability is ensured by our Diamond Coat ™ surface. Standard branded discs come to the MAM logo with a defined area for labelling with a felt tip pen.  Available in 74 or 80 min.

Silver plus Gold CD-R

MAM-A’s Silver Plus Gold DVD-R features two reflective layers, pure silver plus a second 24 kt gold reflective layer.  The pure silver layer provides high reflectivity and great drive compatibility, while the gold layer provides protection against environmental corrosion.  This combination extends longevity to 83 years, compared to standard silver discs that oxidize.

MAM-A 24 Kt. Gold Archive DVD-R

The MAM-A 24 Kt.  Gold Archive Grade DVD-R provides longevity and durability far in excess of conventional silver DVD-Rs. Perfect for preserving your irreplaceable photos, video, and data documents.  MAM-A Gold DVD-R discs have a life expectancy rating in excess of 100 years. Ideal for archival use.