Manual Degausser

The flatbed, manually operated Hard Drive Degaussers are an economic option that delivers quick yet powerful erasure of data in hard drives, back-up tapes and other magnetic media. This is perfect for users seeking to erase low volumes quickly and securely.

Security Degausser

If you need a Degausser with NSA or NATO approval, this line of Government certified Degaussers will provide you with the maximum security response needed. We offer solutions to fit any budget: from the most highly-rated NSA-approved Degausser on the market to the more cost-effective manual solution with NSA and NATO Approval.

Automatic Degausser

These state-of-the-art, brand new pulse discharge Degaussers deliver a user-friendly automatic erasure of all types of hard drives, disk drives, an array of back-up tapes and other magnetic tapes. Automatic Degaussers are also available with the unique Data Destruction Auditor, enabling users to document and record their data erasure and create audit-ready reports. Automatic destroyers will physically destroy the drives by bending it into a V-shape. This is perfect for users seeking to erase medium to high volumes quickly and securely.