Security Degaussers

DoD Certified Degausser

This is a high energy, pulse discharge hard drive eraser designed to offer complete and secure erasure of magnetic media to the very highest level. Generating the strongest magnetic field of any degausser on the market, it’s unique triple erase process, ensures complete data erasure every time. Where security is of the utmost importance, this should be your degausser of choice – that’s why it’s favoured by government departments and security departments around the world.

It is fitted with the unique Data Destruction Auditor which enables you to document and verify your hard drive sanitization/erasure and create data protection audit ready reports.

CESG Approved Degausser


This is ideal for the security conscious, low volume operator who wants to have a professional, low budget solution to eliminate magnetic media security risks. This low noise, table mounted, manually operated degausser, takes as little as 12 seconds to completely erase a hard drive or cassette.  Suitable for erasing DLT, DAT, PC hard drives and other high coercivity tapes, the SV91M is particularly recommended for erasing defective or damaged drives where other types of erasing may not be effective.