Manual Degausser

DS LG MAX Degausser

Backup tape eraser and hard drive degaussing equipment fitted with Data Destruction Auditor – New Model, Now 3 times faster!

DS LG Max is a state-of-the-art pulse technology degausser, with a unique eraser log software, which provides a reporting tool and a record of media degaussed.

DS LG Max is the most powerful, compact, continuous degausser for hard drives and backup tapes in the VS Security Products range. Media that can be securely erased includes both hard drives that use perpendicular and longitudinal recording techniques, including 5000 Oersted’s and all common backup tapes.

The erasure log software records all operating and degaussing information, which can be saved and printed, giving hard copy evidence of complete erasure for reporting and auditing purposes. Media erased is identified with an automatically printed self-adhesive label with degaussed details, including media serial number.

DS MAX Degausser

Securely erase hard drives and backup tapes – New Model, Now 3 Times Faster!

The DS MAX HDD degausser is one of our best selling degaussers and offers a no-nonsense automatic, permanent way to erase hard drives and backup tapes quickly and effectively with its powerful 9000 gauss force. If you’re looking for a fast, permanent erasure of medium quantities of hard drives and tapes, perhaps for use at multiple locations, the DS MAX HDD degausser should be your first choice.