Gold CD-R


The reference CD-R, for all professional applications

The most technically advanced dye in the world and to the Gold reflective layer, MAM Gold CD-R gives an optimum recording quality and an unequaled precision. These characteristics make MAM Gold the ideal professional CD-R for mastering and professional archiving.  Available in 74 or 80 min.

Storage for the ages

Unlike CD-Rs containing Cyanine, which lose their characteristics more quickly from exposure to light and heat, MAM Gold CD-Rs ensure stability, exceptional longevity and durability as well as added protection from the reinforced Diamond Coat protection layer. Accelerated aging tests show that MAM Gold can be used as a reliable storage media for more than 300 years.  All of the main components in the MAM Gold CD-R are very stable in the environment; plastic (polycarbonate), Phthalocyanine dye and gold (it NEVER oxidizes).

Increased Recording Speed

MAM Gold CD-Rs guarantee a perfect recording compatibility up to 52X, allowing an additional time saving for all users, while preserving an absolute reliability in storage and retrieval of data. MAM CD-Rs media are compatible with all recorders and readers.

Note:  All MAM CD-R is rated 4x to 52X speed except Digital Audio which is 1X to 12X. For real-time recording please use our standard digital audio or Pro Audio Gold.

Specifications for MAM-A CD-R Media

Valid for 650 MB and 700 MB media, 2X to 52X speeds.

1. Structure

The media is composed of substrate, organic dye layer (phthalocyanine), reflective layer,protective layer, and label printing.

2. Environmental Condition

1) Measuring condition Temperature; 15 – 35 C
    Humidity; 45 – 75 %RH
    Atmospheric pressure; 86 -106 Pa
  * Dew should be avoided.    
2) Recording condition Temperature; -5 – 55 C
    Humidity; 5 – 95%RH
  * Dew should be avoided.    
3) Play back condition Temperature; -40 – 70 C
    Humidity; 5 -95%RH
  * Dew should be avoided.    
4) Transportation condition Temperature -20 – 60 C
    Humidity 5 – 95%RH
    Period 2 weeks
  * Dew should be avoided.    
5) Storing condition Temperature 5 – 30 C
    Humidity 8 – 60 %RH
    Period 50 years (silver reflect layer)
      300 years (gold reflect layer)
  * Dew should be avoided.    


MAM Gold branded and unbranded recordable compact discs are engineered with patented Phthalocyanine dye and Gold reflective layer for maximum longevity, reliability and durability. Test results proved ideal performance in all types and speeds of CD-R readers and writers. Diamond Coat™ surface ensures high durability. Branded discs come with a defined area for labelling with a felt tip pen. Also available with an indexing barcode.  Available in 74 or 80 min.

Thermal Transfer Printable

MAM Gold thermal transfer printable recordable compact discs, available in gold or white, are engineered for the same high quality performance as our standard products. MAM’s thermal media features exclusive Diamond Coat™ technology.  The special formulation was designed to decrease the amount of printer resources required to achieve professional results. Also available with an indexing barcode.  Available in 74 or 80 min.

Ink Jet Printable


MAM Gold Ink Jet Printable recordable compact discs, available in gold or white, are engineered for the same high quality performance as our standard products. MAM’s new Ink Jet media offers dramatically improved performance in all ink jet printers. The Ink Jet media benefits from a new, super-porous coating which provides a stable foundation for ink adherence. Also available with an indexing barcode.  Available in 74 or 80 min.


The Longest Lived Recordable Media Available

The MAM Archive CD-R is a high performance recordable disc, providing longevity and durability far in excess of conventional CD-R media. Every MAM Archive disc uses robust GoId-on-Gold® construction to provide the maximum resistance to environmental degradation. Long-term applications such as backfile conversion, e-mail archiving, and storage of classified correspondence can benefit from the Archive CD-R’s strict quality control and patented Phthalocyanine dye (tha-lo-cy-a-neen) formula, which offers storage life well in excess of 100 years.  There is not a more stable, more reliable media for long term storage available today.  Only paper lasts longer.


Not all CD drives are created equal. Although drive manufacturers need to conform to a basic set of standards for manufacturing, there are subtle differences in how well the “pickups” are able to handle the reflected signals from CDs. MAM CD-R has the highest reflectivity in the industry, which improves the accuracy of the player read-back.

Because MAM’s dye formulation has remained unchanged for over 9 years, the drive manufacturers know what to expect when designing CD drives. That’s why MAM media works in any type of drive or player. (Other competitors need to change their dye formulations to accommodate different writing speeds. Other additives are used to improve resistance to UV light and heat.)

MAM CD-R exhibits extremely consistent signal performance across the entire CD. Because of MAM’s attention to detail, our molding process results in discs that are flatter than the competition.
While all discs are slightly warped, if they are warped beyond a certain tolerance, drives can have problems during playback. Temperature variations in your car can cause discs to warp more than usual, so it helps to start out with the flattest disc possible.

More sensitive to the writing laser

When you “burn” a CD-R, your writer creates “pits” in the dye layer that make up the 0’s and 1’s for digital recording. MAM’s Phthalocyanine dye reacts more quickly to the writing laser than other dyes. Because our dye reacts in a “burst” mode instead of a “melt” mode as with other dyes, sharper pit edges are created. These sharper edges are easier for CD players to read, so more faithful sound reproduction is possible.

Naturally resistant to damage from UV light

Music CDs go with you wherever you want to hear your favorite tunes. That often includes environments such as your car or outdoor activities that are not very friendly to ordinary CD-Rs. MAM’s patented Phthalocyanine dye is more resistant to UV light than dyes used by our competitors. While other dyes are very reactive to UV light unless “stabilizers” are added, MAM dye is naturally stable, so no additives are needed. This means that once your music is saved to MAM CD-R, you can be sure to hear it for along time to come.

Heat Resistance

The advantages of a naturally stable dye don’t end with UV resistance. MAM CD-R discs are also more resistant to damage from heat sources, whether natural or man-made. Of course, it gets very hot in you car. Add to that the heat that is generated in the player itself, and you come up with a combination that can be deadly to CD-R media produced with other dyes. Even the darker color of our competitors dyes contributes to the amount of heat absorbed by the disc.