Degausser Erasure Logging Software


A revolutionary NEW Erasure Log Software that records all essential degaussing information is available across our state-of-the-art pulse technology degausser range.

The software logs all the essential information relating to the storage device, the degausser hardware, the operating company and the operator. It provides recycling companies and organisations an accurate history of all the devices degaussed. Reports can be used as evidence of degaussing and gives an immediate degaussing audit trail.

Information that the reporting software logs include:

• Processing company
• Degausser model and serial number
• Media owner
• Operator/Supervisor name
• Media information
• Date / time
• Degaussing information

This brand new software provides companies extra peace of mind and evidence that a device has been securely erased. It is simple and easy to use. The Degausser Reporting software comes with a software disk and usb cable for connecting to a PC with the degausser machine which has an inbuilt processor. There is also an optional bar code scanner.