Power Software



  • Copy on Insertion
  • “ShortImage” to create an copy smaller image files
  • “FileCopy” copies only selected files
  • “DualWrite” for using two different image files
  • Wide range of analyzing an logging features
  • Multiuser mode
  • Automatic size adaptation an data integrity test
  • Testimages with special test pattern
  • PowerSoftware interface


  • Can be used to copy data from a Master Flash Media or an image file as a source.
  • Time-saving „Copy on Insertion™“ mode which starts the copying process automatically when the memory card is inserted and allows continuous copying; the altec „Parallel Copy“ mode is also available. The copy process starts after the cards have been inserted and the start button has been activated.
  • Software option „ShortImage“ to create and copy smaller image files. With this option, memory cards with less data than the available capacity, can be duplicated faster and more efficiently.
  • The software option „File Copy“ copies only selected files without creating an image file. This results into a faster copy process, while copying a few smaller files only.
  • „DualWrite“ for using two different image files. This option can be easily used for testing images with special pattern etc.
  • Wide range of analyzing and logging features for optimizing the production process.
    • date, time and logged in user
    • media serial number, CopyStation serial number
    • status of the slots and/or media
    • error massage separately for each slot
    • copy counter
    • state massages
  • Multiuser mode with dedicated rights management.
  • Automatic size adaptation and data integrity test of FAT formatted media to copy onto smaller media.
  • User Interface in German and English; other languages on request.
  • Software option “WriteProtect” to set a temporary or permanent write protection flag on SD Card or MMC cards.
  • Interactive help file system accessible from all main dialog boxes.
  • Creation of test images with special test pattern.

Optional software interface for data exchange with external applications. This allows you to modify the data which is being copied, e.g. by assigning individual serial numbers or applying data encryption. Software Interface for external serialization.

In addition, the PowerSoftware can be modified to meet custom requirements. Special test programs for flash memory cards are also available.