Paraben E3:Universal

E3:Universal is an end-to-end DFIR solution that can work through ALL types of digital data: computers, email, internet data, smartphones, IoT devices, and cloud data. E3:Univeral comes with a tiered review system so multiple people in your org. can review the collected data.

E3 Remote Imager provides flexible access to the evidence you need, anywhere you have a network connection. This allows for the rapid collection of potentially changing information, in the event of an ongoing breach, or ensures speed and efficiency when collecting evidence in a more traditional forensic investigation.

E3 Remote Imager is a logical acquisition tool that can work with data in a remote location. The remote can be in a different location, network, or cloud. E3 Remote Imager will detect a volume and acquire the data based on the selection by the user.

When using in conjunction with E3:Universal you have a powerful digital workforce that allows for the collection and processing of data. Our expertise with indexing in a variety of languages, OCR, and data analysis through recovery, carving, and metadata extraction give you the power you need to complete your data review.

Each E3:Universal Purchase Includes:

  • E3:Universal Software
  • P2C Engines
  • DS Engine
  • IoT Engines
  • Chip Dump & JTAG Engine
  • Logical Imager
  • Physical Imager
  • Cloud Analysis
  • E3:Viewer
  • DP2C License Download
  • P2X Pro Software
  • Link2
  • E3 Toolbox Cable & Accessory Kit
  • Electronic Training for DSMO & P2CO Certification
  • 1 Year SMS on all software