IT Forensics and IT Security


Hardware and software to acquire, clone, preview, analyze digital evidence in IT products such as computer, smart phone, tablet, etc.


IT Peripherals



Computer systems, computer components, spare parts, adapters, cables,
printers, scanners, monitors, keyboards, mouse, drives and accessories.


Duplication & Cloning System



Machines to image, copy, clone, duplicate CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, hard disk,  USB thumb drive, flash memory cards – SD, miniSD, microSD, Transflash, memory stick, CF, etc.





Degaussing machines for Hard disks, tapes or to demagnetize any magnetic material.


Cloud Solutions



Cloud Data backup, DR, storage, security, IP telephony, virtual desktop, server, Data Center solutions from major renown companies at the forefront of Cloud technology.


Archive Media & Accessories

Data storage media for long term archival of up to 100 years on 24K gold CDR, DVD-R. Silver Plus Gold DVD-R – 83 Year Longevity. Pure Silver coating for lower cost but archival quality is much better than the average media.